New Clients

New clients at Glastonbury Massage Center

What It’s Like Working With Us

We simply want to get to know you and establish a firm understanding of your goals and concerns regarding your health. At Glastonbury Massage Center, we make a great effort to ensure that you don’t feel hurried in any way—we want to get to know you and your body.

How Do You Find Us

Glastonbury Massage Center is located at 730 Hebron Ave in Glastonbury, CT.  Enter through the front entrance. Have a seat – someone will be right with you!

Paperwork Made Convenient

For your convenience,we’ve included our paperwork online to complete in the comfort of your own home!

Are we a Match?

There’s nothing we love more than assisting clients from all walks of life attain the best possible health and lifestyle. We can provide you and your loved ones with an array of effective services.

Contact Glastonbury Massage Center today to see how our team of dedicated Licensed Massage Therapists can help you!

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